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Date: August 13rd, 1432

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Roleplay Brief | Info

Post by Kata on Sun May 29, 2016 8:19 pm

Into The Light is represented by the Kings and Queens of Fehrte and Narr clans. These clans are composed of animais with light coats. The territories of Into The Light are formed more for meadows and hills. The den of Fehrte clan is located inside a hill where it was dug. The den of Narr clan is located near a stream in a rocky cave. The members of the clans are respected, as they signed an allies agreement after winning a war together against the former owners of the land. After the war, the territories that would belong to each clan were divided.

Into The Dark is represented by the Kings and Queens of Umbrulus and Mangosly clans. These clans are composed of animais with dark coats. The territories of Into The Dark are formed more for mountains and forests. The den of Umbrulus clan is located in a forest inside a hole in a tree. The den of Mangosly clan is located near the Abend Mountain in a cave. The members of the clans are always in war. Because some day the King of Mangosly clan needed the help of Umbrulus clan to win a war but the King and the Queen doesn't accepted.

Europe, Cooper Lands
August 3rd, 1432

Greetings, Stranger!

You are in the Cooper Lands, a place of mysteries and wonders. There are two sides, the light and the darkness. In light side the creatures have a clear coat and says that they are also happy. There the food is more plentiful, the soil is more fertile. In darkness side the creatures have dark shades coat, and say they are sad, because there every day they fight for survival. As these sides come from? That is another story...
5 years ago, there was a pack that dominated the entire Cooper Lands region, the Kanter Pack. In March 1427, the Kanter family celebrate the arrival of spring. That's when the Lyon family went out of the Southern Lands and come to Cooper Lands. The Kanter's wanted to protect their territory and declared war. It was when the cousins of the Lyon's, the Raghta's come to fight with them. The Kanter's lost the war and the territory. It was hence formed a new dynasty, the Lyaght family, which is now called the Light. The territories were divided into four clans. The first two the Narr and Fehrte clans were on the light side, while Umbrulus and Mangosly clans were in the dark side. The leader of Lyon cast a spell so that the dark side creatures could not go to the light side, because a magic force field was placed there. All this and more other secrets are in the Secret Book, guarded by Valdiir, the last member of the family Lyon. This book is in danger! Members of the dark side are looking for it. And now? What can happen to you on this journey?


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