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Date: August 13rd, 1432

Biography Tutorial

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Biography Tutorial

Post by Kata on Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:31 pm

Biography Tutorial

Welcome to Biography Tutorial! Here we will show how to make your biography following the standards of the site and the roleplay. First you must have an idea of how your character will be, if you have questions on how this will be, let's start talking about how to create a character on MK.

1st step - Creating a Character
First choose the species of your character (Please check the species allowed here) After choosing the species, you will choose the characteristics of appearance. Please note that neon and unrealistic colors such as purple, blue etc. are not allowed! Markings are allowed, as well as all colors for the eyes, except white and black.
Create a different name of the other players. Use your creativity! If you have questions of what will be the name of your char, you can use this site.
Personality? This is easy! If you have difficulty in creating the personality of your character, why not put yours? Can be cool your char acting as you, so it's easier to play with it. If you don't opt it there is no problem. You can go using this site to choose a personality.

2nd step - Creating a Biography
First of all, to create a biography you need this code:
<div style="background: url(http://wolfimage.jpg) no-repeat top #000000; width: 500px; border: 4px solid white; margin: 0 auto;"><div style="padding: 10px; padding-top: 320px; width: 480px; font-family:Calisto MT ; color: #996666; font-size:9pt; line-height:15px; letter-spacing:0px; text-align:justify;">


[b]Name[/b] // [text here]
[b]Age[/b] // [text here]
[b]Gender[/b] // [text here]
[b]Voice[/b] // [text here]


[b]Personality[/b] // [text here]
[b]Likes[/b] // [text here]
[b]Dislikes[/b] // [text here]
[b]Habits[/b] // [text here]
[b]Orientation[/b] // [text here]


[b]Birth Place[/b] // [text here]
[b]Birthday[/b] // [mounth day, year]
[b]Plot[/b] // [text here]
[b]Family[/b] // [text here]
[b]Crush[/b] // [text here]
[b]Mate[/b] // [text here]
[b]Off-Spring[/b] // [text here]


[b]Build[/b] // [text here]
[b]Appearance[/b] // [text here]
[b]Species[/b] // [text here]
[b]Physical Problems[/b] // [text here]
[b]Scars[/b] // [text here]


[b]Clan[/b] // [text here]
[b]Weakness[/b] // [text here]
[b]Strength[/b] // [text here]
[b]Notes[/b] // [text here]


Please take a look on here.

3rd step - Posting the Biography
Post your biography here, when it is accepted by a board administrator, it will be moved to the Accepted Biographies Forum. After that, the admin will send a PM to you notifying that your bio has been accepted. If it is not accepted, you will also be notified about the "why" of your biography has not been accepted and the changes you will have to do in the same.

4th step - Available Characters
If you still can't create a character, you can also choose the option to check our Adoption Forum and "adopt" a character. Read the rules before adopt.

Copyright © Medieval Knights.com

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