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Date: August 13rd, 1432

1. Advertising
Announcing something you should provide some basic information.

1.1. Logo
The announcement must contain the official logo. The same should be done with image stemmed from the creators and without the use of images or fonts of other authors without permission.

1.2. Slogan
The announcement must contain the official slogan. The same should be composed of authorship of creators, without the use of phrases, parts of texts, books, magazines etc... without permission.

1.3. Brief
The announcement must contain the brief with the subject, history etc. Still retains the discretion of copyright.

2. What is Allowed
Read below what is allowed to advertise.
2.1. RPG Sites
Announcing RPG sites, in brief you should put the main characters, ie those are marking the game.

2.2. Products and Services
Announcing products and services (this includes artwork, market products, all types of services) you must include the photo of the product and should pay US$5,00 per ad for us by DeviantART PayPal.